To Communicate

I have been watching a lot of documentaries about art, and this has varied from those who might be considered to operate in a more traditional mode, versus those who are considered to operate in a more experimental mode.

It feels like a reconnection. I feel like what I produce may more often than not be considered to fit into the more traditional framework, but for me a lot of the production techniques which I use, or at least the things I use to inspire myself, are derived from a variety of different places. Who wants to be safe?

When you produce so much stuff there is a point where the description, because you are trying to say something different, frays. You don’t want to repeat yourself, and sometimes the effort not to do that distorts what your original intention might have been, and that is OK. If art were a direct replica of the world then it would almost be unnecessary. If art were merely the world fed through the filters of an artists perceptual apparatus and experience, would it be something other people could understand?

On some level, the act of creation is an effort to communicate, and that effort turns it into something that might approach the notion that we have of art. This what I have in the back of my mind when I create, and I hope this communicates.

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