Reed Bed

we were waiting for the thatcher
reading marx, real bright sparks
with some idealism for ideology
a broken psychology
mechanisms full of rust
dressed in suits to promise trust
people added to the ledger reckoned
to the edge of the abyss were beckoned
to account for every second
so you can come first
so you can slake a thirst
and walk away as the dams burst

politician masks
politician asks
promises broken
are oaths spoken
this is the election cycle’s spin
this is how liars win
invested in the stocks
that but the ballot box
a parliamentary session
a red and blue procession

i lay there on my bed and read
of how the herd all come to feed
they take these reeds and build a roof
under the umbrella of manufactured proof
the police, the intelligence committee, the press
they each have uniforms in which they dress
so put your x in the box
these are the keys in the illusory locks

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