duck it sown

suck it down
you slurping lover
of a consumer
you devourer of a rumour
you mediated tumour
neither millennial or boomer
like what the fuck does any of that mean?
i am having a dream
about a primal scream
and it says a little to me
about where i am
about where the world is
i care about viv but not about liz
i care about terry and maxi
but the royals? don’t ask me
i’m punk about the queen

none of that drama infects me
my country neglects me, or did
like i wasn’t its kid
i’m not sending it a text
it’s like an ex
like a memory of bad sex
i got fucked over
by the white cliffs of dover
or fish and chips and a saveloy
or is all that a decoy
for not surrendering a name?
sure that’s part of the game
you want it lighter?
sure, here is a flame

the sun in the mirror
says the news of the world is a stain
don’t telegraph your game
to my guardian, he won’t think your a star
get with the times
be independent
and leave the bar

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