A Rose

I like to watch biopics. I also dig straight historical documentaries. I like to delete the drama out of them and understand the data. Sometimes the data is the drama, I suppose, but I am not entirely convinced that understanding the noise of someone’s life gives you an unerring insight into the signal.

But, when you look at a rose as described by Shakespeare, and then you see one painted by another artist, there is something different. If each artist did not have a different voice and a different way of presenting the world, then what would be the point? But sometimes more focus is given to the heart and the genitals than the intellect, and I feel it can diminish the role of the thinking behind the creation.

When I am inspired by someone it is the conscious decision making that they engaged in to create something or arrive at a specific understanding, and no amount of sex or drama barnacled onto the framework of their lives. I am not sure if this just me, or of others feel this way too.

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