The Weight Of The Thing

Sometimes the weight of the thing that you want to communicate makes it really hard to find the words, or even the energy to put it into words.

It’s a struggle you have to win as a writer though, because there is a certain duty you have, when you have a gift in being able to do it, to do it. The Philosopher King is the one that tells you you are living in the cave, and has the job of leading you out of it. I always had a desire to be that person, and to do that with my art.

Trying to be honest about things, and achieving a level of self-honesty is also a necessity, if the art you have a desire to create is going to be honest, and is going to have a beating heart, then you have to everything that you can to instill it with that spirit.

Is it hard work? It is.But there is something more to it than that. There is a magic in it, because there is something of you in it. When you instill something with that much intention it carries past you, and hopefully it can carry someone else.

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