A Philosophy

I know nothing about cross-training – I really don’t. But I was sitting here and I was thinking about how all the people who are creative and training in one discipline should be able to take the skills that they learn in one area and apply them to any and every area in their life.

Does that move it from being a life lesson to being a philosophy at that point? Maybe so.

I am working on a philosophy book at the moment – it is something I started a while back, but the notion may have been, at the point I first posted about it, something of a placeholder, but in recent days it started to draw the map of itself for me, and I saw that I have indeed formulated some ways of handling things and creating things that I think could be helpful for others.

At some point you have to stop questioning the presence of arrogance in something, because you have to make peace with yourself about the fact that you are a writer, and that the way you share your opinion always has an inbuilt amount of arrogance in the mix. Without it? No one would ever hear a damned word that you have to say. What good are unheard words, or unread ones? Not much good to anyone or for anything. Musehickism Philosopheme is the name I have given it, and I already like the look and feel of it, and I hope you will too.

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