Sometimes getting in gear on the weekend – which represents the largest swathe of time that I have to write, can be somewhat problematic. Weekends are also the point in the week when it is easiest for me to do things like chores, and to relax, or hang out with my wife, or, or, or.

Life is all about spinning plates, and sometimes one or two fall to the ground. But I really do try hard to fight through the BS and keep myself rolling.

Having your finger on the pulse across all the media available, and having the time to consume all those extra memetic calories can be a major task, and I don’t always pull it off. This last year was a lot about watching movies, but I let so many other things drop off.

To get something started takes a lot of effort, but keeping it in momentum once you got it rolling can feel like a Sisyphean task. 2019, I intend to bust through this bloody self imposed barrier I keep putting there. It is a process – I just wish it was bloody faster.

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