Lift Myself Out

It’s interesting, that if you spend any amount of time telling people that you can’t do something because you don’t want to do something, you soon convince yourself of that idea as much as the other person is convinced. It is a sad state of affairs when you start echoing that idea in every avenue of life, but listen to a person who has got into the habit of this and it becomes pretty evident that is their modus operandi in life.

The thing is, you can reverse the whole problem by just convincing yourself that the opposite is true, and then working at it until it becomes true.

The worst thing psychologists have convinced people of is the lie that your life is set in concrete – fatalism masquerading as science provides for a very bleak outlook, and will eventually rob many of its adherents of any agency whatsoever. Science as a tool is totally valid, but when it starts to create a system composed of unsolvable problems then it has become useless. If you look to the ancients who were considered in many cases to be somewhat primitive, and to have only rudimentary sciences, and you stack that up against what they achieved, it seems like it might not be so necessary after all.

I am not anti-science by any means – and I actually think it is the answer to a great many of the problems, but when I think of some schools of thought that grew out of the same philosophies that worked to promote mind control and population control, and I see how close they are to getting people to sign it up for it on a daily basis, I have to ask myself, how rigorous is our process for determining the efficacy of a science and the proponents of it?

I do not believe that any thoughts I have are disconnected from the environment that I am experiencing, and the self I have that is in the driving seat. Byproducts that occur in the body, that might be manipulated by chemicals, and result from certain patterns of thought, are not something I accept as root causes. I understand moving away from a purely physical model of consciousness can be problematic in an age where we are preached to regularly about the position physical sciences occupy in the hierarchy of tools for qualifying and adding to knowledge, but if something doesn’t square with my own perceptions there is no reason for me to accept it.

Anyway – if I occasionally take myself down into the doldrums and block; I am also quite able to lift myself out of it too.

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