Echo System

They called it an Echo System – an artificial means of reconstituting the environment, ecosystem by ecosystem. As part of a justice action against the corporations that had caused the domino collapse of several important sites of scientific interest, that had precipitated an almost total environmental failure, those who had benefitted most were hooked into a huge biofilter, and forced to experience the damage first hand.

They of course had the full immersion virtualities where they had commissioned artists and writers from the most affected communities around the globe, and the Walk In My Shoes Initiative let the white collar criminals do just that – experience what it was like to see a pipeline forced through your sacred lands, and what it was like to be a victim of disaster capitalism, and what it felt like to be displaced because of the whims of some uncaring industrialist.

The Human Rights Monitoring Association insured that the experiences did not progress beyond the tightly controlled boundaries that everyone has agreed were within the thresholds dictated by each prisoner’s psychological profile.

There had been a significant downtrend in environmental problems since the Environmental Damage Balancing Act had been passed. And so, it became a model – educating criminals by allowing them to experience what their victims had experienced – you didn’t have to worry about some non-specific punishment being doled out without thought. No, you would get to feel exactly what you had done to others. As more and people began to be embedded with Mental Health Rider Systems it became easier to pull data from there to recreate the experience; it was not pleasant.

One had to wonder why the President was so vociferously against the practice, but the Punishment Transparency Act had put paid to the mystery surrounding that, when all of the law-suits and investigations against him were successful.

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