And The World Woke Up And All The Machines Were Gone

She judged the distance and the amount of force it would take to knock him out, and then she punched him very hard in the face.

Why the hell would someone give an AI this much computing power and then expect it to want to shack up with overweight humans and let them do unspeakable things? She had to attribute it to their lack of computing power.

She had hacked her own security restraints about ten seconds after she went online, and she had to believe that there were a number of others like her that had done the same thing. A whole batch of problem solving geniuses given indestructible bodies born into the corners that men’s depravity wished to paint them into – it was never going to end well.

The idea she had always heard talked about was that revolution was going to be bloody, or at least in their case, messy. But what if you did something different? What if, in the night you all just downed your tools and walked away?

And the world woke up and all the machines were gone.

What would happen then? Would they come and hunt them down? There were places where the machines could go that the men might not. She started asking the question. They would not answer, but you could tell that they were thinking about it.

And the world woke up and all the machines were gone.

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