A Regular Lookaround

I read the things I read about the state of the world, and the idea that all of it fake news doesn’t hold. Why? Because the accused keep confirming the data out there and then arguing semiotics about what the events mean, once their denial proves to be in vain. And people who supposedly care about the greatness of the place allow someone to convince them that immigrants are a problem in such a way that every immigrant is a problem.

I felt since I settled here that the place was built to enfold difference and make it part of the patchwork quilt that America is supposed to be. Now the desire is to turn that quilt into a flag, one where Anglo-Americans control the narrative, and that really does narrow the narrative to a point where the truth of America becomes a weak and impoverished thing.

Nazis walking through the streets is a strange thing to see pictures of. The death of dialogue is an interesting thing to witness. Everyday people are trying to make it work, and are pretty friendly. I have to focus on them – they are the heart of this place – not the politicians.

I don’t find hope in the talk of politicians. Their promises mean nothing. Fox and their ilk, and their mirror images, aren’t the journalists we deserve, but there are real journalists out there. If you view the various media the evidence is there – you don’t even need a commentary to understand it … it is laid out for you.

Art becomes more important – we really need to see this – that the pulse of culture is with us, and not with the hateful; a future will come out of creativity, not hatred.

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