Regularity As Freedom

It’s kind of interesting to me sometimes that very rarely have I read much about the freedom that routine in writing brings. What you generally get is a notion that it is necessary, but usually because you have to produce a lot of work, not because making it a regular part of your routine builds in you a rhythm that makes writing as natural as breathing, and that brings with it an ease that those who write intermittently don’t have.

Ease of technique comes from producing high volume. Practice doesn’t necessarily make perfect, but it does engender a work ethic that is conducive to better writing.

I never really understood the whole flow from writers who say that they hate writing – that can’t make for very good writing, can it? You have to love what you do – even it were just a job, a joyless experience produces a joyless product. Is this a thought easily won? No – who ever arrives at a notion of doing something they enjoy without having gone through something they don’t enjoy?

Life starts to easily make clear to you what you should spend your time on, and what it is easier to have in your life, and things that you like to do really do win out – and if they make your life better you should grab them with both hands.

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