Keeping Regular

So, as an idea, Regular Movement is meant to push my work ethic and keep me rolling. So if I miss two days, but in that time I write a lot, then I don’t feel so bad about it.

I have definitely freed something up this year, and I am determined not to feel so beat down about all the bullshit out there.

It’s funny, when all this cross-posts to Facebook and I don’t get the kind of attention I would like for the work, and then I post something about how I would back Oprah for 2020 and my wall explodes. I was inspired by her speech, and regardless of whether or not she is eminently qualified for the position of President, I found it a very hopeful counterpoint to the whole hate filled rhetoric of the establishment.

I saw some of the right wing attempt to smear Oprah, but I am not interested in that – if she made some mistakes in regards to Harvey Weinstein she wouldn’t be alone, but to look at the huge positive effect that Oprah has had and to think some hateful comments can undermine that is an insult to the intelligence. I think anyone that wants to believe it was looking for something negative to believe in the first place.

I’m not going to apologise for loving such an amazing individual.

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