we don’t want any nazis around

we shot the people burning books
we identified their nazi symbols and their voices
the borderline politicians gave us dirty looks
and we warned them about their choices
they wanted to circumvent the ballot, gerrymander us in the cornhole
we lived in the neighbourhoods whose autonomy they stole

none of the people there were very fine
some of them had pointy hats and bedsheets at home
the fact that they were towing some kind of party line
when they should have been freak shows standing alone
talk about the kind of times we find ourselves in
turn down the volume if these casually evil people talk of sin

we don’t want any nazis around
we don’t appreciate the sound
of the words they like to use
we stand with the minorities and we stand with the jews
all the lies you try to use to confuse
are a pile of shit piled higher than mainstream news

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