Face It

If they had just been playing with the Face Changer then it might have been OK. A handheld DNA resequencer turned Robert into a plant. Susan was a vinyl record.

It prompted an investigation.

Why the hell had someone brought these pieces of technology into a school?

No one gave it up easy, but they didn’t need to. A Face Changer only lasts for a short while, so they just had to wait out the person.

The sliding reset face was like watching a stroke unfold right in front of you.

This wasn’t usually the kind of thing they found in a school. But then Stegler had found that most beats were weird beats now.

There was a clean-up tech squad in the grounds trying to check the kid’s DNA strands and then trying to reprogram their faces.

Stegler sat watching the rubber-faced man. Why?

‘Who even are you?’

‘I’m the teacher.’

‘No, dude, you aren’t. You had to hide amongst kids to stay hidden. That means the disguise isn’t that good. Be thankful you haven’t been reported for doing anything weirder than what we caught you doing.’

‘I wouldn’t do that.’

‘Good for you. What are you doing?’

‘Seemed like a good place to hide and I’m good with kids.’

‘Why though? Who’s looking for you?’

‘No one really. But I wanted to hide.’

‘What a stupid idea.’

Stegler put him in the back of the car. Drove away hoping his day wouldn’t get any weirder.

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