the inexact

the inexact
language holds up a mirror
a willed error
by a dogmatism backed
a generosity of spirit lacked

into the corner backed
the overpainted image dead
a hack writer over an exquisite corpse hacked
an earworm burrowed into your head
it was what he said
a dropped stitch and a weakened thread

words can do a deal of damage
sentences spun into a diastrous deal
a phoenix or a vulture’s plumage
salvation in a wheel damnation in a weal
only for some is it real
the translations are quick to reveal

a thesaurus does not lift you into asbtraction
the pivot of misunderstanding is not an excuse
you can clarify rather than submitting to inaction
you can choose to speak of conflict or truce
salting a tongue in ignorance is an abuse
look at the flotilla sunk by lips that were loose

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