2021 Thus Far

You have to plan like it is all going to come off and react accordingly when it doesn’t. I had an idea of where I was going as the year started, and physical stuff kind of intruded and made it hard to pull these things off.

What do you do? Get back on the horse. You can’t let it totally derail you. That notion that it is all grist for the mill is also a good thing. All things that happen to you are opportunities to learn; are opportunities to build empathy.

Good things are happening though. Change is a sign that you are alive, and would never wish for my life to become stagnant. I had to recently begin to rebuild my wiki because a change messed up its connection to the database, and this coupled with my new computer is making the storytelling a much easier and more dynamic process. I push, I know things will push back and I can get comfortable with that struggle. Sure, it is not always easy, but when you do achieve something there is a reward. I’m alive. I am moving forward.

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