Good News

Good news is hard to come by at the best of times. I have a recollection of typing it into Google once and getting a definition of it, rather than any actual good news. I studied journalism and good news isn’t anything you actually get encouraged to seek out, except in small local papers, and that isn’t considered serious journalism.

I would like to say that it should be. We should demand that we start getting stories that talk about the solutions that people are providing and the bright future that we can build. This isn’t saying that problems don’t exist … it is saying that we are going to out-think them.

Anyhoo, not meaning to necessarily come on all heavy, because this was inspired by listening to this great podcast, called “The Pay It Forward Podcast”, which shares good news stories. It’s presented by Marjorye and Cal, who I’ve had the privilege of knowing for a while. Sometimes they have guests on the show who share their own stories of helping others. It’s very uplifting, and for me is living up to its mission to “restore your faith in humanity and inspire good ideas”.

Check out the latest episode below:

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