How does it feel to destory a planet? Bloop Hens had evolved this far out into The Contentious Sector into combat mode, and they were going in hard and heavy to Terrorform the place, and erase any local mythologies.

Roost-Errs were dropped to shuttle around Ex-Eggs and deploy Narrative Strikes against anything that represented a different story. There were Slushpile Buffers engineered to pulp anything that came near them. Lie-Berries dropped to proliferate and Thin-Dex every occurence of a tale.

You’d get a hook-line from one of the locals, and then they’d send in a Syncher, to pull the whole thing into the guts of  a wild Storylion. They called the planets after the edits Blands, or Magnolias.

Jerry hated it. He would be dropped in after the carnage, armed with his Hack Rig, with a brief to write something new on the scraped clean Tabula Rasa reality of the planet. They called it Hack And Hack. He was a Hack. Fuck that.

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