It is interesting when you write what most people consider to be pretty esoteric shit, and it is dressed up in a cobbled together pseudo-science that draws from a probably skewed view of physics, and a knowledge of the way language works, and a passing acquaintance with fringe science and the occult. Do you get to consider yourself an intellectual?

Is that even a self-applied label? On some days I imagine having a badge with it on – not literally, but something that indicates said status, and it kind of warps from something professionally done to something scribbled out in crayon.

I have not hit that point where enough people have read my work and shared an opinion of it for me to have any sense of the perception out in the world of what kind of writer I am. It kind of means I can exist within an intellectual walled garden for the moment. That means I can think of myself as smart and won’t get too much flak for the assertion.

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