Story Engine

If a story were an engine I would be able to listen to it and tell you where the error in the running was located. Is it the narrative drive belt? Are the paragraph pistons not firing? Is the idea fuel not moving through the engine correctly? Is there a lack of technique to oil the flow?

When you listen to someone deliver a spoken word piece sometimes the delivery can over-ride any weaknesses in the written construction. Something designed to be read cannot rely on the personality or charm or dulcet tones of the writer – it has to be able to carry that water itself.

In the same way that experience, a degree of talent, and an ounce of willingness, and you can gain the intuition you need to be able to sit there with a piece of writing and know when it is running smoothly. How do you get that experience? Read and write a lot.Talent will be native in you to some degree. Willingness is something easy enough to regulate.

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