Flyer Flies

He was hung upside down above this latest little poster he had designed, hanging by Grip-Tips fastened firmly into the concrete. There was an Own-Drone cycling around the building lower down, and he knew if it spotted him one of the Integrity Cops would be on him with a rifle in no time at all.

His Tick-Click Eyes were snapping away and he just had to hope that there were no Signal-Leeches in the proximity, as he beamed the pictures to Graf-Heat-E feed. Krug was a name, or rather, Thing Ink was a name – his tag was a tribute to Nick Cave and The Fantastic Four.

There were rumours that they had been sniping Flyer Flies, as they called them. Some people said they were being punked though, and that the pictures of the bodies hanging from the walls were faked to scare people. A Fred Head clued him in though – they were very real.

The D-Notice Squads were like the shock troops mounting an assault on culture. Wherever art might succeed there was a nullification being lined up to squash it. He fired a swing line at the wall and felt it grip, and then he dropped into a freefall that would hopefully be broken by the automatic break kick-in. He knew he had to get to the ground quickly, and the drone was already heading straight for him. As his Pike Heirs touched the ground he tapped a panel on his tracker-suit and threw up a portable pirate zone to baffle the little electronic killer.

He was proud of the poster, but man, this was getting way too hard. They called them flyer flies because if you knew how to look and where to look they really did light up the night like fireflies.

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