False Universal Narrative

They say that it was the event that galvanised the war, but later analysis proved conclusively that it never happened. It was labelled as being the largest false flag operation ever mounted by the joint US and UK Fiction Departments.

They were an organisation called Pincer, and they were supposed to be a homegrown variant of ISIS, composed from sympathetic Canadians and radicalised Mexicans, and on paper, for a lot of people, it didn’t make any sense. But the evidence that was presented was seamless.

There had been escalating pressure to tighten border control on both ends of the country for a long time now, and it had even been part of the political fear mongering used to galvanise the base – that all it would take was a terrorist attack for the people to realise that those asking for military control of the borders had been right. Pincer delivered that.

But Jamal Abaz from Canada, and Raoul Cortez from Mexico were composites, and the whole scenario was scripted by the Fiction Departments, and performed by The Acting Schools under the supervision of The Department Of Environmental Programming. It was the brainchild of Beaujolais, and his US counterpart, Meldrake.

How many died in the joint bombing on Boxing Day? Estimates had conservatively put it in the thousands in those first few days, but if you started to added in the subsequent annexation campaigns, that utilised, at one point, tac-nukes to soften up the Mexicans and the Canadians, and the bot deployments that marched through the key cities killing what they labelled tactical percentages of the population, then it skyrocketed.

How many of those responsible were plucked, just before they were about to die, to be saved and forced to serve the sentences that any sane war tribunal would have handed down to them? It’s hard to say, because no one knew how many The Needles held. The only thing that was certain was that the number was smaller than the number of those who died at their hands.

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