Getting Visuals

I have been operating in the visual field for most of the week. A rare time when the images for book covers and website designs have been coming easier to me than words. You take it where you can get it. It is interesting because when I am writing something I am obviously visualising it, but to then take that mind’s eye vision and replicate it with penstrokes on a page is not the same thing.

It is not like I was ever experiencing problems with words – I could always string something together, but I used to be much more facile at doing the same thing with visuals. I want to get to a place where the flow that I have is interchangeable between the two disciplines.

I have a huge urge to write comics, and to illustrate them, and I believe I have the talent to do it; I just need to find the confidence. How to find that? I need to practice my way through the lack of surety to a place where I don’t even hesitate and it is like breathing for me. Finding the time is such a lame idea – making the time is what needs to happen. Decide that this period of time is ring-fenced, and it is set aside for this work, and then do it. I haven’t done that enough.

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