Sit Down And Write

Write on the fly. Sit down, open the laptop, or the notepad, or the typewriter, and rattle something out. It’s a discipline, and it is something that you should get yourself grooved in on. I don’t think I am ever not working on something – even when I am reading I have a goal that I am moving towards. I set goals and I hit those targets, and I complete the cycles of action I need to do in order to get books, whether poetry or prose, written and out there.

I love working with people who have the same A to B attitude, and just roll over the problems that they come across, and conquer them. It isn’t always easy, but it is always necessary – otherwise you grind to a halt, and you aren’t going to get done what needs to be done. You will have nothing to show for all the time you are lazing around and wishing that something would write itself. No book ever wrote itself – even if people tell you that it did. They got themselves to a place where they are able to write that fluidly, but often that is really just a game of persistence, and turning up and sitting down and writing.

I have to bounce,but I will bounce back. Write write write, right?

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