I had a pause in editing that will recommence tomorrow. Obviously you swing between one aspect of your art and the other – you write it and then you compile it. Then you sell it, or at least publish it.

I see the scope of the things I am writing and I wonder what shape the thing will be in at the end. I have learned to kind of run with the breaks and the pauses and the feelings of doubt and distrust on a path, and giving that to the characters, so that I can use them to solve the problem of forward momentum.

Having so many irons in the fire so that I can keep moving forward is a strategy that gives me options for navigating block. One day when I am famous and shuffle off the mortal coil, as long as I have kept the structural support of the wiki up to date, all the collation and series reissues should be a cinch Not that I spend too much time thinking about posterity when obscurity is my best friend, or so it seems.

Self deprecating shading into self hating.

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