Singularity zip. Wormhole linkage Narrative splice. A seed is planted. We use consciousness extinguishing to trigger a spatiotemporal alteration – pack the compressing person into an event horizon and then unpack him via supertranslation into another dimension. The pupil contracts and then dilates, and the gates open and the first emissary from this section pushes through into another section and blooms like a flower constructed of energy; a bright lotus flower fiery against the backdrop of a starless section.

Who witnesses it? Someone on the forward line seeing their sky painted with the dreams of stars that have passed into nothingness.

The physical will pass through the gate of the spiritual as it forgets its limitations in the ignition of an enlightenment. Space travel via satori.

Sometimes he would see the sun glare on a windshield and he would remember that sense that he had just bounced halfway around the world to end up back in his seat. How often did this happen? Well, how many times had the thought occurred to him? A blooming and fading without end; a sun that would not burn out.

Belarus built the universe over several times, scratched bits out; gave bits to other individuals to run; changed history; kind of did whatever the hell occurred to him Send something back across the barrier to those that were missing him; send something forward to those in yet to be born universes. He wasn’t a god, just a natural force translating himself through the action of matter he had assembled around him. Bloom and dusk.

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