Your Kid’s Weight In Ammo

He’s wearing camo
Reading survivalist tomes
Playing computer games
Torturing small animals for science

What’s your kid’s weight in ammo?
Are they safe in their homes?
What’s the thing everyone blames?
Which is the act of defiance?

All the warning signs
All the possible solutions
All the things we could have done
All the things we didn’t do

This is the way the public inclines
Mourning and blaming institutions
Blame the shooter, blame the gun
Stand around,push nothing through

Don’t tread on me
Respect the cold dead hands
Bump stock bumps the stock
We’re weapons free
And the playground understands
And the politician understands
And the media understands
No one has blood on their hands
Everyone has blood on their hands

Couldn’t be stopped
Couldn’t be helped
But this
But that
All just a status update
Waiting to be bumped
Fully automatic responses
Sad face gun tragedy emoji

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