Olympic Torch

He was in the corner burning books.

He took a gun and fired it at the screen that was playing a bunch of kids involved in a spelling bee.

He took what he was doing and he repeated it in a gallery, which turned it into performance art. It was filmed and became a video that was later used for an installation itself. They took stills from the video and turned it into an art book, which he was burning.

When he died his friend filmed the cremation, which became an installation, where the stills were taken from the video and turned into a book, which the friend then burned. They called the whole thing Olympic Torch, and it went on for years.

A scientist who followed the whole thing decided it would be a perfect message to export to another dimension, and he worked out how he might beam it into the mind of someone who would create a piece of flash fiction about it, and call it Olympic Torch.

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