Thursday Morning Thoughts

Hit it early seems to be the way. I am one of those people that are always more abuzz in the morning – could be the coffee thing, or the early life decision to watch early morning tv every morning.

I am reading a lot of philosophical texts at the moment, with the aim of reading more prose and non fiction for the coming year, instead of all graphic novels. Variety warps in through the fiction and becomes something hopefully interesting in my hands.

I am trying not to focus quite so much on all the negative press out there in my feed, but I am going to let it influence me, so that I can write something relevant. I got way to slammed in and down on negative news every damned day … it made me feel the whole enterprise of writing was pointless, and I went through some real trials before I came out the other end and realised that the whole thing with writing is that it is really the only thing that is going to push back the tide. Writing and aesthetics are weaponised beauty, and they are the thing that I am going to use to push back against all the hate and lies out there.

Any writers out there – any creatives – just keep creating – it is more important now than ever.

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