Bouncing Around Inside Story Universes

So, as I write these fiction pieces it looks like they may become very referential to some of my other fictions, which if you read my other stuff, you are likely to spot.

I just finished watching Black Mirror today, and I like the way that though the episodes are capsules that contain everything you need for the story being told, that there are also references to other stories in the collection as well. This was kind of where I started with the building of my own shared universe – I would notice that there were certain repeating patterns and kinds of ideas that I discussed. When I arrived at the conceit of Metaphor Technology I was able to build the kind of system and framework for storytelling that allowed everything to be encompassed that I wanted to write about – whether it be genre driven or following a character through a specific arc.

When I write I am incessantly punning, and sometimes it is discussed within the stories (which contain, I suppose, some kind of avatar of myself, but I use the puns in different ways. Sometimes these puns are kind of like the deus ex machina of the story; sometimes they are a red herring as to the tone of the tale, and sometimes they are merely¬† a result of the process I use for brainstorming names for people in the stories. Anyone who has followed me for a while will be familiar with my style, and anyone who hasn’t, and is coming to this new, will I hope enjoy the word play that I employ Anyway – I am glad to get the whole game off to a good start – and here is to not missing any days in terms of production on this site.

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