Tea and Reality 1

New Year as a pivot — trap for TEA and Reality Engineers. Seems like a memetic spatiotemporal embed. a notional shunt to force people to hinge ontologically through one journey and into another.

You could say that the room chills as he steps into it. He knows that someone has laid something here, and that he is supposed to trip it. Before he steps into the room his nanite aura, wide dispersal pattern, has slid in ahead. And that’s enough.

Which means what? That someone knew a Reality Engineer would be along, and that their security measures would make them vulnerable in exactly this way. Nanites reading a hack, nanites reading instructions to whisper a command straight into the Reality Engineer’s ear, and straight into the heart of his superpositional informational network.

Part of him thinks it’s a temporal glitch he got snagged by, because that was what he was made to think, and he yanks a TEA agent straight out of his timestream and lands him right next to him in the trap.

‘Who are you?’

‘Telt Sarn, you?’

‘Breaf Zenser, I’m a Reality Engineer.’

‘No shit, what is this?’

‘A trap.’

‘What kind of trap?’

‘A temporal one, by my reckoning.’

‘So you called me here to get you out of it?’

‘I did.’

‘OK, well, as I am in it too, I’ll oblige.’ And he engaged his Temporal Exit Architecture.

And what? It ran up against a barrier where the truth was revealed — this was actually a Reality Bubble inside a Temporal Loop; a trap for both of them.

Who though? Who had that kind of data?

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