Intermediary Connectors

Intermediary connectors were legaly required for any kind of pre-legal contract relationship.

If you weren’t using a biofilter connector when you were engaged in genital connection then you legally had no leg to stand on.

For women the devices helped to prevent such things as unlawful acts of genital connection and potential paternity suits.

His was an old model that did not meet the specifications that were listed out by state law in every non private housing bedroom. Motels could be held liable if they failed to display the correct signage.

Intermediary connectors could of course be used in a prophylactic manner, but that was something you regularly had to affirm because if they failed and you had signed then the company that manufactured the IC was liable for any pregnancy bills if you kept the baby. This was a useful thing if you were in a Zero Abortion Protectorate.

Her IC checked his IC as the initial entry attempt was made, and once the specifications of his device were determined to be noncompliant a short and urgent low grade electric shock was administered to insure immediate evacuation.

Her Say No Drones, which were always hovering nearby tightened their orbit.

‘You have to leave.’

‘We can’t get it on just because my IC is an old model?’

‘That’s right. I don’t date anyone past the point of discovery of an old IC.’

‘And what if I say I don’t want to go?’

‘Well, that for sure means we won’t be scheduling for any future hook ups, even if you do get yourself handled. And if you stick with that notion my drones are going to knock you out and cocoon you while calling the police.’

‘I have drone too.’

‘OK, well I have a BodyGuard here too, you creep. So step off now or my droid is going to get it on with his fists on your skull.’

He stepped outside the room. It was beyond dumb what he had said. It would end up being uploaded and he would be blacklisted from several dating sites and Acquaintance Motels. Dumb.

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