Short Thought

Writing about other projects seems a little redundant if all I am doing is laundry listing the sites, so I am going to be looking at how I network all these sites into a resource. It is nice to be past the pain of having this site up and running and being able to write on it.

There are books-worth of books here that need to be downloaded, edited and formatted and published. Having the time to do it is always a battle, but if I tell you that I am consciously better this year, and not suffering the brain-fog byproduct of COVID that plagued me last year, and you get to witness the output compared to the slow slog that last year represented, you may start to gain some appreciation for where I was at.

I have been exercising too this year. Sure, we’re ten days in, but it is a change — one I have bucked against for a while, but continued health is something I don’t ever want to take for granted. You have to work for everything.

I stepped up writing here a little bit towards the end of the year, I’ll reckon it up and see how substantial the work is and whether it is enough to put out a volume of it.

I need to fix the publications site. It was basically decimated and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. It is on the plan.

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