Time By Myself

If there were not some degree of isolation in my life — some part of me that doesn’t need too many people around — would I be doing the things I do? Would I be created and out together in the way that I am?

Who knows? We’re almost fifty years down that road, and I am at a point where I am liking the person that I am. The choices may not have made me the kind of person that another person would want to be, but that’s not the game, is it?

Who and what I am has fed into every piece of art that I have created. Who I am and what I am has won me the friends I have made. It let me build the family I am a part of. It has allowed me to help many people.

Sometimes it does make you wonder though. We are quantum computers, sorting through infinite possibilities, so a little bit of inward-looking consideration is to be expected.

My wife is my best friend and really is an inspiration. She is the person around whom my life orbits. I live in a space where I can create if I keep out of my own way.

I love people; I think I am pretty social, but I also like doing a lot of things that require time by myself, or at least in a place of creativity. My wife and I create in the same room. You have to find your space.

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