These Last Few Years

Keeping anything regular has been a little rough for me in the last few years. Things have changed a lot jobwise, whether it be all those months working from home, or the more recent end of my main gig. I have been writing a lot, but I am going to be honest, there has been more starting of projects than finishing of projects. There has been a somewhat reduced bandwidth for a lot of this time.

Some of the projects beyond my own writing have suffered. I have made some things happen but nowhere near enough.

So, with renewed vigour I move into this year, attempting to get it all back on track. To finish as much as I start, and to push all of my enterprises to viability. It will take a lot of work. I am interested in finding people who will be able to match my energy.

I have a lot of new projects on the go. My newsletter is going to get the rust knocked off it, and I want to start creating more video content. TikTok, Patreon — they both need to be conquered.

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