There a desire to remain somewhat uneducated. Why? Because education can smooth off the edges and make you as boring and tedious as the dusty fuckers who think that they are the gatekeepers of culture.

If you dance to the music or you listen to it and you cry then you are reacting to it in the way that the person who crafted it imagined it being consumed. Are there all these artists moving around out there with some pompous idea of posterity that they are preparing for? Or is it more likely that artists are alive in the moment and trying to talk to their contemporaries, and loving it when people reacted? Why would they not be?

Are there apolitical artists sitting around that aren’t part of their environment in a way that informs everything that they do? No. Or if there are, who gives a fuck about them?

Rawness is realness; is aliveness. The ones who are trying to talk to those around them and are not trapped in the fossilised wormcasts of their predecessors are the ones who last. Why? Because it is new. Academia is amber in which one might display an event for the consumption of the clueless fashionistas of tomorrow, who are the only legacy of the clueless fashionistas of the now.

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