I’ve been part of a few writing communities over my years online, but a lot of them, if they didn’t disintegrate, kind of wound down into lesser versions of themselves.

You go through the honeymoon period where there are all these new possibilities that are afforded you by the particular quirks of the platform, and you embrace that. Then they would invariably hit a degree of success and they would start to emulate whichever platform had more traction at the moment.

Myspace went through it, and Facebook went through it, even Twitter. Success often brings compromise and a loss of identity for these places in the same way that you cease to recognise a good friend when money has corrupted them.

So, I found TikTok a millisecond before Trump blew up about it, and it has that same creative buzz. I am meeting artists, musicians, writers, and all kinds of creative people because of the platform. Activism is also conducted through there in a very educational and inspiring way. It does not surprise me that Trump doesn’t recognise this. Everything with him, as far as I can see is framed by the dead-end narrative of how he figures into the scheme of things and what he did to make it great. This kills any interest I have in him. Narcissists are boring. Tik Tok is not the province of narcissists — at least, mostly it isn’t.

I have been making a few videos there and you can find me as Musehick. I don’t have many followers yet, so help me out. I’m trying to help people in the creative fields, as I always am, and what I am doing there is an extension of that.

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