Mother To Other

Mothers stood in the train station, on the train platform. Who is moving away from whom? What is moving away from what? Stories dismantle themselves in one place, move themselves elsewhere, and get to reassembling.

The Death Faced Boys are one of the Tarot Gangs that appear to usher a movement forward. A message drops into the slots and a show starts to dance across the stage that is the world.

Abram was a tall tale teller, he was a wolf crier; he was someone that went in and lied people into frustration and apathy so that they would their guards down. When the boys were due to come in town and there was something being planned for the area that they were coming into, Abram and his bullshit act would start doing the rounds.

What were they here for today? Abram had been spreading the gossip equivalent of fan boy theories around, and not a single guess came anywhere near the mark. They began to bang bang their way through the criminal underworld, leaving a trail of corpses, and at the end it turned out that what they were there for was merely to turn mothers into something other: mourners.

Don’t lie about the death tarot card to ease your heart.

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