A gunshot in a crowd is a different thing to a gunshot in the country. The acoustics out here baffled your ability to determine in which direction the shot was fired.

People tell you things about the country, about the county; people wouldn’t take much pressing to tell you things about him. He hoped that some of those people that heard about these things would remain open.

When there was no one to point the finger at they pointed at him though. He wasn’t surprised. He chose not to manufacture an alibi when they came to him; knowing that saying what he had really been doing wouldn’t have helped his case much either. He had no friends to corroborate where he was. He knew he was convenient. If they didn’t believe he really did it, they must have also felt he was convenient.

He knew what was coming when they left the cell door open. He was quiet when they dragged him out. He was unsurprised when the noose cinched tight around his neck.

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