On The Treadmill

Part of the plan is to identify all the moving parts. Part of the plan is to move each moving part towards completion. You change the plan as necessary, and you continue to keep it all rolling along.

Consistency is the watchword. Regularity makes things easier for you to manage, and easier for your reader to know when to expect new work. If you allow yourself to disappear off the radar then people will stop keeping an eye out for you. No one stays in the public spotlight who is not continually hustling.

Even if there is a particular star that you loathe, because their work repulses you, stop for a moment and at least admire the amount of hard work and dedication that it takes for them to keep producing what they do. Their are very few lazy people in business. Even those who don’t continually put out new work – in order to stay in the thoughts of those who might buy new work when it is eventually created, will have to keep on the treadmill.

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