Expanding The Horizons, Expanding The Parameters

Do you ever sit there and try and dream up new forms of writing? Give yourself rules by which you must operate in order to challenge your writing?

My friend came up with a 434 word limit for flash fiction, and it seems somehow perfect for the purpose of writing short punchy and pithy bits of work. I myself have some written in 434, but I also go with 360. What rules did I set myself on the 360 Flash? That it has to turn you around from where you at when you first stepped into the story.

I also like flsh fiction sagas, where each installment is building like an episodic novel.

I have been working on what I like to call a Distributed Network Novel, where the novel is scattered around different platforms connected by a trail of hyperlinks.

Pushing the styles and forms that you write in makes you a better writer. If you arrive at your style independent of experimentation then good for you. If you arrive at after mastering all those other techniques, you have something valuable in your arsenal, and you may learn something about where your own style, which whoever you are is influenced by someone, may be.

Learning as much about yourself as a writer, and your strengths and weaknesses, can only help to point you in the direction of improvement. Who doesn’t want to master their art? And if someone gives you good constructive feedback, take it.

I am never arrogant enough to think I have learned everything. After all, I am not Stephen King or John Fowles, or Steinbeck. I know that even they had people they considered to be masters.

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