Sometimes the writing comes easy, and other times you need to let it simmer for longer and thicken. Not enough time being allowed for the writing to arrive can result in something thin and gruel-like. No fun to consume.

I am constantly trying to arrive in a regular pattern of production, but some things demand more, and this month was meant to be primarily dedicated to Nanowrimo. As often happens with that particular stream of creation, I was going well up until the moment I wasn’t. Starting is a good thing though, and I have some great novel starts, and the month isn’t over yet.

Production in different areas pulls attention away from other areas, but the whole shebang keeps rolling along. I am never not doing something, so I can excuse the days where one project doesn’t get quite so much love. I love them all, and I will get them rolling if they stalled to a stop. December starts – a new game begins.

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