2020 in Politics

I will be 45 in 2020. I do not mean I am going to transform into Trump — that will be my age. I am still political with a small p, or rather I am not locked into the pissing contest of the bi-partisan systems that are Mexican spit-roasting democracy.

I hope something new will emerge from the current system, but we may have to wait until the current spate of breakages dies down and the dust settles. It’s hard to offer much commentary that doesn’t add to the insanity and chip away at your will to live.

So much has been focused on bluster and bullshit and lame-ass personality politics of late that real issues lay off to the side forgotten. How many people in how many sectors of society feel that they are not being addressed? Those supposedly in service to the country should have social media usage caps, like teenagers, because the incessant trolling as a debased form of debate is tiring.

Some people believe it gives them access. That lack of an edit mechanism passes for honesty. That bullying each other is how politicians should operate. Maybe we need to tear that word down and put something new in its place – disestablish the two main parties and form something different. Strip it back to local level leadership. 2020 needs to be something new.

I am not naive, we are too far into the swerve to steer out of it at the moment. So, we may have to suck it up and endure the next four years of whoever, but all the dreamers and the futurists and the ones with real imagination need to get to imagining something better than the continual churn.

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