The Artist And The Acts

It really is hard sometimes to divorce the work from the artist, and there is a point where you wonder whether if you took everything in your home that had a problematic association and burnt it, whether you would have anything left.

On the other hand, unless that person has passed, and there is some kind of controversy currently raging about them, how can you flow money and power to that person and feel good about it?

Starting to watch and pick apart the machinery of oppression that perpetuates the abuse of those abused, you can see how power is wielded, and the kind of effect it has when it comes to burying unwanted narratives. The fact that anyone stands up and pushes back against these monolithic establishments is amazing.

Watching the testimonials of those affected unfold, you cannot see them and doubt them. Watching the defences of the accused it is hard to doubt their guilt.

We have to support and stand behind those who have something to say, because the new world that can emerge from confronting these problems is a place we should all want to live.

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