Never Play Just One Note

Catharsis poetry has its place, and what I think of as head music poetry, like-wise has some value. But there can be a strain of poetry that is both intellectually and emotionally informed that neither has to be lacking in backbone or fuelled by anger.

If think of art as akin to alchemy, and see that it should take the base materials of experience and turn them into something that is personal and universal at the same time, and may also be aesthetic and suggestive of a solution, then you will be heading in the right direction.

Some people get a little one note, and only want to play the one tune, and be known as the poet laureate of misery, or anger, or some such. To me it seems about as interesting as being British or American, rather than a world citizen who has the whole panoply of human experience available to them.

If you find yourself getting trapped into anything resembling a comfort zone you should shake yourself, tear up the map, and move along. Listen to your own inner music.

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