Work Fun

Work quicker. Work harder. Work faster.

Deadlines and headlines are how a lot of people manage their work – they are basically targets and goals that you have to hit.

Painting a whole neighbourhood would be a main target, but if you have fifty houses, or smaller targets within that large objective you are aiming at, you need to narrow your scope and work out a sequence.

I am not a massive fan of prescriptive outlines, but even something loose that provides you with a guideline is useful. Don’t people who know where they are going get there faster than those who drive around with no directions?

It can appear, when I am working on a large number of projects that there is no organisation, but that is not true. If there were absolutely no system in place, nothing like the notion of Regular Movement, underpinning my work, then I would not get half the things done that I do.

Making it like work is somehow connected with making it unfun, but if you produce a lot of work and people enjoy it, there is nothing more enjoyable. No writing equals no fun, neither for me nor anyone else. I want to have fun.

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