Treading On The Spot, Running On Water

It is interesting what can occur in the day that makes you stop what you are doing and wonder if you have been running on the spot. Are you treading water?

Running on the spot is a little less of a threat, because stopping means that you are merely standing still, whereas if you stop treading water you might drown.

Being in one state but imagining that you are in the other may be what you need to dial up the sense of urgency to an adequate level.

Sometimes I confuse myself, because I am hard on myself, and I may be doing better than I would allow myself to admit. Sometimes this can be worse than not doing well. How else do you judge where you are at and what you need to do? You cannot use a map to navigate to a location if you cannot find where you are on the map.

Also, just because one area has you treading water, do not make the mistake of thinking that this is your whole life. I do this too.

I am always working hard, and sometimes I let things stack up because I am hustling elsewhere. You give one set of people the idea that you aren’t doing too much because your attention is jammed up in helping others. You have to become better at spinning those plates. This is what I am teaching myself to do. Regular chaotic movement is not the aim – regular ordered movement is. You want to get more done, not less.

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