Distributed Network Personality

He collected himself in moments where the gates opened and the systems aligned, but there were often several thousand parallel iterations of himself. They called it Hydra Protocol, and it was hard to comprehend for those who had their identities and their consciousnesses contained within one vessel.

He was meeting with a Reality Engineer today to provide a different perspective on thought, derived from his accelerated lifespan in the virtual world, where for him a simulation run was a life lived. He devoured the Alexandrian Library before it was burned down by digging through pre-script interlopers scanning the books on extra-temporal readers. It was nice to let people think that it had burned up, but that was just a story told to the people on the outside who needed to be kept in the dark.

They were known as the Philosopher King Directorate, him and his fellow Distributed Network Personalities. Some people called them The Lamp, but The Lamp was always a false information front group operating within the remit of The Cave.

Jed Parship was a local area engineer, and he had told him that he was something of an anomaly, that was why they were so interested in talking to him. He worried that there was some attempt to pin him down, limit him, and arrive at a place where all of what he was was catalogued and could be traced. Jed assured him that this was not the case.

When you edge into a super-positional mind-space, and you processing teraflops of data by the millisecond, dissembling and disingenuous people get buried under red flags. Jed Parship was in a fixed position on a chessboard operating in infinite directions. It was not a good position to be operating from.

He was calling himself Argus in this iteration, but he was confident that half the names he was operating under were more than buried in obscurity. Maybe even he would fail to see what it was the came and saved him; some of his iterations were as black-ops to central intelligence.

What might fly under the radar? Argus smiled. That ant crawling up Jed’s neck? The mechsquito crawling up the neck of this body he was in? He laughed – in the moment where he saw Jed fall forward, and felt his mind scooped out of his skull he knew this for what it was … a sting operation.

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