Write Fifty Things

Can you write fifty things about the same day and have them each be compelling? If not, why not? Your vocabulary needs to be stretched – your magic is blunt.

Do you think certain words shouldn’t be used? Then I humbly suggest you go fuck yourself. Language is rich food, and if you have a weak stomach you should not set a place for yourself at the table.

If there are timid poets, then no one ever cared about them. If you don’t bleed and sweat for the work that you put out there, then you don’t count. If you want to have an opinion about writing, then you must be writing.

I love writing. I love people, and they are the fuel that helps me create new dreams of beauty, or new papercuts of horror. Challenge yourself, and find something to write about – go hunting for it. Never sit back and expect anything, you rabbit foot rubbing loser.

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